HALLOWEEN is right around the corner and, as we all know, it is a holiday that is so exciting for most children absolutely love ☺. Though children find it exciting, it can also be a parent’s or dentist’s worst nightmare when it comes to oral health.

Sticky candy has a tendency to get stuck into any deep grooves or on the surface of teeth, while hard candy can be the cause of broken teeth or can even be a choking hazard. Acidic drinks, like sugary juices or soda, are known to dissolve and damage teeth, so, if consumed, be sure to brush their teeth regularly to avoid any cavities. Prevention is increasingly important when it comes to oral health, so parents should consider having sealants put on their child’s molars to help protect their teeth.

Here are some tips to help have a healthy and happy Halloween:

  1. Monitor the sugar intake – By limiting the amount of sugar your child consumes, you can help them control their sugar cravings and can teach them the significant impact that their diet has on their oral hygiene.
  2. Set a treat time – Children should know that eating treats is an occasional indulgence. Set a specific time for this.
  3. Make sure they brush their teeth – Establish a routine for brushing their teeth. We recommend at least once in the morning and once at night.
  4. Make brushing fun – Make this a good habit in your child’s life, as it is crucial in maintaining a strong and healthy mouth. This good habit goes a long way! (Ex: Riddle)
  5. Schedule a dental appointment – A good dental check-up can help identify build up in plaque or cavities, which are more common this time of year.

I hope these tips help and Happy Halloween ☺