Having your child brush their teeth regularly is one of the most crucial parts of maintaining good oral health, and perhaps the most fundamental, however, there are also other elements involved. Flossing, for instance, is also vital; some experts would say, and our team would agree, that it holds just as much importance as brushing their teeth. To give you a better idea of why, here are some reasons that flossing is so vital to your child’s oral health.

Getting in-between the Teeth

While your child brushing their teeth effectively cleans all of the areas that are visible, or otherwise not touching, flossing is vital because it reaches all of the areas between their teeth that you cannot see, and subsequently cannot clean using a toothbrush. These areas are among the most sensitive and vulnerable parts of their mouth because they are most susceptible to plaque and tartar buildup. At the beginning, you can help them floss to make sure they do it properly.

Help reduce Bad Breath

It is not unusual for a child who brushes their teeth once or twice a day to still have bad breath. The reason being is that bad breath is often created by bacteria that lives in between teeth, as well as other areas of the mouth that are tough to reach using a toothbrush. This is why flossing is one of the best ways to reduce or eliminate bad breath. Are you still skeptical? Try getting your child to floss their teeth with unscented floss, then smell it after, that awful scent is the source of their bad breath. Coupled with frequent brushing of their teeth, you will find that flossing can really help that stinky breath.

Chart their progress and help motivate them! ( CLICK TO DOWNLOAD)

Having your child brush their teeth twice a day is a task in itself, add flossing on top and it can be difficult to establish a regular habit. However, doing so is totally worth it; just look at the aforementioned reasons why. Use these as motivation the next time you don’t feel like flossing, and let us know if it worked at your next visit to Capital Dental Clinic.

Enjoy summer ☺

The Capital Dental Team